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Intressant reflection ! THE BOX SWAPPERS.....

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David Icke Newsletter, December 23rd, 2007



Hello all ...

One of the songs that really struck me when I was a kid in the early 1960s was Little Boxes, written by Malvina Reynolds and sung by Pete Seeger. The 'boxes' referred to in the lyrics were not so much the houses that we live in, as some may have thought at first hearing. The real meaning of 'boxes' were the mind-prisons to which people succumb.

I found this version on YouTube for those who are too young to remember it ... click here ...

I was only ten when the recording was first released, but I took to its message immediately. It is such a simple song, but a profound summary of the robotic society to which most people acquiesce and surrender their uniqueness, their infinity.

Society declares the rules for what constitutes 'success' and the population clamours to be 'successful' on the system's terms. Under this mindset you cannot be successful unless that 'success' is externally acknowledged and so to 'succeed' you have to tick a box that the system - therefore most people programmed by the system - acknowledges as being 'successful'. This almost always equates to money, possessions and a 'good job' - lawyer, judge, doctor, businessman, or 'someone famous'.

This is the box marked 'conformity' and 'programmed aspirations' and there is a vast factory turning them out in their hundreds of millions to satisfy supply and demand, or rather, program-demand-supply.

But what I have just described is only one box in the system's megastore. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and some are even transparent to hide the fact that they are boxes at all.

All this came to mind this week when I heard what some of those who run my website forum have to put up with from what I will call the 'box-swappers'. These are the most deluded of all people because they are so totally programmed that they think they are 'out of the box' when they have simply exchanged one for another. There is none so deluded as the prisoner who thinks he's free. Such people are everywhere, but they seem to be most blatant in the conspiracy 'research' arena.

I heard what has been happening to some people working on the David Icke Forum in the same week that our website went down three times in one day as a result of an attack from an IP address, which we have now traced, and the week when we were told that increasing numbers of 'workplace' computer systems are banning because it is a 'racial hate' site.

Of course, anyone going anywhere on my website will see that the very suggestion is insane, as with the airport computers and others which have blocked access to because it is a 'pornography site'.

These are exactly the sort of lies and misrepresentation that you would expect from those in authority, and those manipulating authority, who have no desire for people to have access to information that offers another view of world events.

But they are not the only people working for the system - so are many who claim to be 'exposing' or 'challenging' the system. I say 'claim' because these are box-swappers at the most extreme end of box-swapping.

It turns out that Sean, our webmaster, and his family have been the subject of considerable abuse from other 'conspiracy' forums and sites with some people, in Sean's words, 'trying to dig as much dirt as possible' and post it on other websites. These 'other websites' claim to be exposing the global conspiracy because, of course, they are 'out of the box'.

What is Sean's 'crime' that must be punished by such abuse? To spend his days ensuring that my information is communicated most effectively on the Web and to give masses of people the opportunity through the forum to communicate with each other and share information.

Wow, pass that guillotine.

There are many other examples of the box-swappers' capacity for bile, abuse and infantile nonsense.

John, a volunteer moderator on the David Icke Forum, was phoned at home by one of these people and the caller, who blocked his number, played down the phone a recording of a researcher chap in Canada called Alan Watt, who seems to be the hero of many of these people. It tied up John's phone for half-an-hour, but fortunately the idiot the other end was paying for the call. I would not be surprised if it took him several hours to work that out.

Alan Watt tells anyone who will listen that I work for British Intelligence. I asked him to send me all the evidence he had to support this ludicrous assertion and I would post it on my website unedited. He did not reply. Another chap in the UK called Craig Oxley repeated the Watt claim on a website called the Unhived Mind, yes 'un', and I made him the same offer: send me all the evidence and I'll post it unedited.

Oxley ended up writing an apology for the fact that he had no evidence to support what he said. But it didn't take long before he had rebooted back to default status and he announced that he had 'declared war' on me. This is a man who says he wants the world to be peaceful. I trust these guys are doing pantomime this Christmas because otherwise they have missed their calling.

Moderator John described other consequences for giving his time to make the David Icke Forum possible:

'There's the fake myspace page that I can't get myspace to remove; the trolling of the comments on my Google videos; Googlevid wont accept video uploads from me anymore, but won't tell me why (they just don't respond to emails). Then there's the impersonation on Godlike productions, the JREF forum, and probably other places I don't know about.

The constant accusations of working for "them", of being a "Zionist shill" (especially from the NPT crowd); the internet mockery; people using pictures of me as their avatars to insult me (and others; the photo-shopped piss-takes ... the list goes on and on and on.

It seems to me the main point is that when you stand up for yourself and refuse to go along with the herd, and also refuse to stop expressing yourself and your opinion, sooner or later this kind of "conspiratainment" trolling is going to target you.'

John concludes with the very point I want to stress this week:

'Becoming more aware that those with power lie to hold onto their power does not, in itself, do anything to take one above the "sheep-think" level: that requires finding courage and being willing to take the pain of looking at oneself unflinchingly, in order to accept, forgive and love oneself for who one is, and start to make progress beyond.'

Exactly. The conspiracy 'exposure' arena is awash with those who have simply moved boxes. One of these guys who now attacks me said that it was reading my information that first 'woke' him up. But it didn't, that's the sad thing.

It didn't 'wake him up' because he hasn't woken up. There is a universe of difference between becoming intellectually aware of the conspiracy and waking up. They are not necessarily the same thing and, while they can be, often they are not.

The conspiracy field is full of sheep who have left one shepherd and found themselves another. It is full of 'repeaters' who just repeat what someone else has said - the same as with mainstream journalists and the masses who allow the television to tell them what to think.

The classic was that Craig Oxley bloke who said I was 'MI6' because that's what another guy said. Had he seen the evidence? No. Was there any? No. Oops, sorry.

They have not woken up, looked themselves in the eye, and started to break the chains of programming and robotic reaction that bind them to the system's will. They just transfer those programs to a new subject - in this case conspiracy 'research'.

So, if they were ego maniacs before they 'woke up', they ply their new 'trade' from the perspective of an ego maniac. If they were arrogant and abusive before, they simply transfer that to conspiracy 'research'. If their perspective had been self-indulgent 'me, me, me', then nothing is going to change that unless they do, and thus truly 'wake up'.

'I know the Bush family funded the Nazis and the Roman Church is a conspiracy - I am freeeeee!'

Albert Einstein once said that problems cannot be solved by the same level of intelligence that created them and so it is with the global conspiracy. How can we break through the programming that holds humanity in servitude by succumbing to the same programming in challenging that system??


The system insists by its very structure that we 'look after number one'. It wants us to believe that life is about competing, 'succeeding' and trampling over others to 'make it'. And if you can't 'succeed' because you haven't got the commitment or the guts to do what is necessary, then that's fine because you can succeed in your own mind by abusing and undermining those who have.

The abuse and desperation to undermine others at every turn has nothing to do with the greater good, nor exposing people who secretly work for the system. It is about feeding their own arrogance and ego, both of which are simply masks for their own inadequacies. Because they will not face themselves, or rather their programming, they are condemned to repeat it and project it on others to protect their own deluded sense of identity - 'I am a good guy fighting for truth'.

The Oxley chap who said I was 'MI6' also says that the American campaigner Alex Jones is 'CIA' and he 'doesn't trust' the excellent talk show host, Jeff Rense. What do those three people have in common? They are well known and have ensured that multi-millions of people are now aware of the conspiracy that were not before.

I pointed out to this man that while there are many things that Alex Jones and I do not agree on he has made a massive contribution to making people aware that all is not what it seems. 'I don't care', came the reply.

Precisely. Because to such people it is not about the greater good, it is all about them. Once again, it is nothing to do with what is right or wrong. It is about the state of mind and self-identity of the accuser. That is not to say that people should not be exposed when the evidence is there, of course they should.

But evidence is irrelevant to these self-appointed Thought Police. Another box-swapper is apparently trying to connect me to the Rockefellers, a deeply sick and satanic family that I have been exposing for nearly 20 years. Sometimes it's like living in Fairyland.

And while all this goes on, the Orwellian global state continues to be imposed by the day, children are abused and sacrificed across the world and thousands of civilians are slaughtered in manipulated wars. What is the response of these box-swappers? To abuse those trying to alert people to what is going on. The word 'pathetic' does not even begin to suffice - and who ultimately controls at least some of them?

Who benefits from what they do? The very conspiracy they claim to oppose.

'Pssst, let's play Alan Watt down the telephone ... heh, heh.'

There is another angle to all this, too, or what a friend of mine calls 'inversion'. An example of this can be seen when people say they want something to change, but when anyone starts to make that happen the same people condemn them for doing so.

For instance, the box-swapper end of conspiracy research has this hilarious catch-all test for whether you are genuine or not. If you are getting information out to large numbers of people and actually breaking the elite monopoly on information you must, by definition, no other evidence necessary, be 'one of them'. That's it - that's all you have to do ... challenge the system effectively and the box-swappers let the dogs loose. Toothless dogs in their case.

It means that if you fail to break through the system's dictatorship you are 'pure', but if you do break through you are 'a plant'. Failure is built in to their very self-identity because to them what they claim to be challenging is all-powerful and cannot be overcome. They dare not overcome it themselves, or they, too, would be 'one of them', and so they must continue to fail to make themselves 'pure' to the cause.

So why don't they just put their hands up and be done with it?

One fellah said I must be a government 'plant' because my information was 'all over the Internet'; I was 'always on television' (not true, but I'm working on it), and, wait for this, the final confirmation ... 'his books can be bought in Borders'.

The words of the Bob Dylan classic come to mind:

Your old road is rapidly aging
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'

Those who can't lend a hand, and this will be increasingly the case, are those that can't look at themselves honestly and identify the programming that controls their perception and reaction - those who look in the mirror and think the reflection is who they are. How can we get out of jail if we don't understand what is keeping us there?

My journey has not been just researching and exposing the conspiracy - that's the easy part. Alongside that, and at the very least equal to it, has been the exposure of myself to myself, the appreciation and acceptance that we are all caught by body-computer programming and it needs to be addressed.

For me that process has sometimes been enormously painful and continues to be so as new layers are identified and removed. There are many more still to go and show me someone who says they are free of programming and I will show you someone who is kidding themselves. It is only a matter of scale.

But the box-swappers lack the humility, courage and intelligence to look at themselves and so they must project their inner to the outer and hurl their abuse at others. I feel for them, I really do, because the longer they wait the harder it will be.

My journey, in all its expressions, has taken me to the brink of massive breakthroughs into the mainstream of public attention and I am well aware that plans are in place to do everything possible to discredit me and my information in the months and years ahead. It goes with the territory, especially the more effective you become, and some of it may well be channelled through some surprising sources.

If or when it comes, the 'anti-conspiracy' box-swappers will jump upon it with glee and do the system's bidding while claiming to oppose the system. And I shall laugh and chuckle because what else can you do in the face of such self-delusion?

I have been taking ridicule, condemnation and misrepresentation for so long that you get immune to its effect. So throw what you will, oh people of the box. For as you do so, you will be looking in the mirror and seeing your own reflection - but one which, as always, you will refuse to recognise and face. My thanks to everyone who gives their time so freely to make the David Icke Forum possible and the wonderful people who share their thoughts and information every day. You are much valued and appreciated and, by comparison, the box-swappers are but a fly to an elephant's back.


© 2008 David Icke Website. All Rights reserved.

Posted on: 2008/1/5 13:47
The Sun is the mediator of Prime Intelligence between ourselves and Galactic Consciousness
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Re: Intressant reflection ! THE BOX SWAPPERS.....

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Mer reflektion:

Box = Ashlar = Freemasons perfect stone = Man remade from within, mind is changed.

Man with Box cutter = Terrorist

Terror = Terra

Terra = Earth

War on terror = Kriget mot Jorden

Man with boxcutter = enemy in the war against earth

truthsayers to prison?

Cut the Box!

Posted on: 2008/1/5 14:21
Don't be a sucker! We are not "anti-Semitic" for opposing Zionism
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