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Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Det är väldigt lite här som skrivs om Utomjordingar. Med tanke på att diskussioner som ofta förs här handlar om saker som hålls hemliga och om sanningar som folket inte får reda på förvånar det mig faktiskt att inte detta ämne är minst lika stort som 9/11.

Vet inte hur många som läser här på forumet som satt sig in i mycket av det material som finns tillgängligt. De av er som har det vet i så fall att det är omfattande och att det kommer starkare och starkare uppgifter även från vad "vanlig media" skulle kalla legitimt håll.

Vad som faktiskt är ett faktum är att en dag, om jag ska gissa heller inte så långt bort från nu, kommer världen att vå veta att vi faktiskt inte är ensamma i universum. Och att (regeringar, vatikanen mfl.) känt till dessa andra civilisationer en längre tid.

Vad som också är ett faktum är att detta kommer att få väldigt stora konsekvenser för vår världspolitk på ett sätt vi inte kan ana förens det händer. Det kommer att på många sätt visa olika maktstrukturer, sammarbeten och agendor vi idag inte känner till. Samt det allra viktigaste föra in en eller flera ytterligare aktörer i vår värld nämligen dessa livsformer från galaxen. Dessa livsformer som varjefall jag tror på många plan har mycket mer kunskap om vad livet handlar om än vad vi har i nuläget.

Nå, nu har jag bara nosat på ytan i detta ämne för o få igång en diskussion som inte utelämnar någon. Jag tror nämligen vi alla har nytta av att prata kring detta. Både "nörden" "skeptikern" och "svensson".

För min egen del kanske jag ska tillägga att jag inte alls är rädd för dessa väsen, jag är övertygad om att de för något gott med sig och jag är väldigt nyfiken på allas vår framtid!

Med värme

Posted on: 2009/11/19 21:55
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Utomjordingar är demoner FYI. Nej. jag skojar inte.

Posted on: 2009/11/19 22:10
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?
Varför inte posta detta där det hör hemma? Under "Paranormalt"?

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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Det finns många gamla trådar du kan botanisera bland och fortsätta med!

Posted on: 2009/11/19 22:22
Sanningen skall göra oss fria!
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Ämnet nu flyttat till rätt ämneskategori.

Posted on: 2009/11/19 22:40
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Hett tips för den UFO-nyfikne:

Ett intressant forum för ufo-kunskap, en intervju i veckan med de mest kända UFO-förespråkarna och insiderserna.

Intervjuaren Mel Fabregas är jätteduktig och har även flera intervjuer med annat folk, t.ex. G Edward Griffin, som verkligen gör kaninhålet djupare.

Tror att man kan få lyssna på halva intervjun, inte säker, annars kostar det, blev medlem då en av han gäster helt och hållet trollband mig och har inte ångrat mig.

Puss, puss /Rocketbanana

Posted on: 2009/11/19 22:53
"Mig skrämmer ni inte alls, ni eländets herremän...
Beröva oss hoppets stjärna, den skall nog bli vår igen"
-Cornelis Vreeswijk
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Posted on: 2009/11/19 23:01
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Alltså inte (fd) humans, utan de som ligger bakom den yttersta topeliten, alltså sådant såsom aliens och demoniska krafter - vilket vakenusers mest inte vill ta tag i...

Dessa väsen/krafter göds av att de kämpas mot dom, det har skapat det, gett det liv, från början - komaaktivism är för att spä på det. Så det onda göder sig själv, och när allt går mot sin spets så kommer det onda att förgöra varandra på scenen därute. ... 4&forum=14&post_id=132412

Posted on: 2009/11/20 0:01
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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The Jinn - Genie - on Earth

24-04-2005 om 12:22 uur | 6,800 bekeken | Paranormaal | www.NIBURU.NL | Print

There are unseen creatures that we share this earth with. They don't come from other planets. They have been called many names: Ultraterrestrials, Etherians, Elementals, Spirits, Aliens and Jinn. Ignorance and prejudice have prevented the western world from realizing what Islam has to say about these beings. The jinn are major players in many of life's mysteries and spiritual dramas. Introduction: The World's Greatest Hoax

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis may be the greatest hoax ever, perpetuated by the earth's greatest tricksters: the Jinn.

The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: The belief that the beings who abduct and are associated with unidentified flying objects are coming from other planets in our physical universe.

Over the past 50 years this idea has become a universal "truth" held by nearly everyone: governments, Vatican experts, peasants and professionals. It has become one of those vague and general truisms we take for granted because it holds up nicely until it is scrutinized scientifically. It has helped generate a much broader and more progressive outlook. Humanity has grown beyond the infantile perspective which places it as the only one in creation. We're also forming a global identity which conceives of earthlings as really belonging to only one race: the human one.

This is a great historical achievement, but I think it only gets us halfway there. We need to wake up to the whole truth about what these UFO's signify, namely: Existence is an ever deepening mystery, and nothing works quite the way we think it does.

Very few of us are comfortable with this as part of our working hypothesis, but life becomes a more marvelous adventure if it can be embraced. Needless to say, Jiminy Cricket isn't a jinn, and Greys don't wear evening gowns. This cartoon illustrates the shapeshifting trickster nature typical of certain Jinn.

Although many jinn seem to have good intentions, most are untrustworthy and not what they appear to be. They are playing us for fools, and worse, when we take their charades seriously.

We don't know the whole truth about them and possibly never will. We should err on the side of caution and realize that some of them are indeed a real threat. Future additions to this website will explore the dangerous and evil side of the jinn.

The word "jinn" is also spelled Djinn. Sometimes "jinns" is used when speaking of them in the plural, but in the Qur'an they are spoken of as "the Jinn". I use both "jinn" and "jinns" since we still lack agreement about how to speak of them in English. Arabs speak of one particular jinn as a "Jinni ". This is where the anglicized "Genie" comes from. Jinn are an order of beings separate from humans and angels. We are baffled by them because they are normally hidden from us. They are the intelligence behind many of life's greatest mysteries.

They have free will. Some appear human while others are the creatures studied by crypto zoology. They are capable of playing the roles of the gods and goddesses of ancient pantheons. They are made out of different "stuff" than you and me, but share attributes such as intellect, kindness, cruelty, and mortality.

People usually reject the Jinn concept when they first hear of it. I didn't even give it a chance because of my stereotyped ideas about jinn and "genies". Westerners aren't informed about the Islamic concept of the jinn. It's like a textbook description of the UFO phenomenon.

After studying the UFO mystery and related subjects for years, I finally got a copy of John Keel's masterpiece "UFO's: Operation Trojan Horse". It makes a great case for the existence of beings who live an existence parallel to that of humans and who don't fit our preconceived notions about reality. We keep scratching our heads in disbelief wondering "How can this be?", but after sufficient exposure to the phenomenon a person starts to accept it more at face value. Having acknowledged that we share this planet with many unseen beings, I began researching with renewed vigor and clarity. I rediscovered an article I'd book marked about the jinn.

One of my heroes is a former British Intelligence officer who has presented a solution to what may be the greatest mystery in the western world... He is over 90 years of age and his name is Gordon Creighton. He saw a UFO in China in the 1930's. His life of travels and familiarity with eastern culture enabled him to realize how the Jinn are likely players in the UFO drama. He is Editor of the Flying Saucer Review, a highly respected journal publishing for 50 years. Please read his essay contained in this website. It's brilliant. It's the reason for creating this website.

Once you know about the Jinn, beings such as "Big Foot", the extraterrestrials, poltergeists and so-called "Ascended Masters" become increasingly understandable. Like most of life's great answers, it just leads to more questions, but I now find more and more pieces falling into place.

Donna Higbee writes: "Native Americans are very aware of the beings that are "visiting". I have been told that they do not believe that these beings are extraterrestrial. In the old days the Star People visited and interacted with the people. Today the Wakan Sica (in Lakota), or the darker side, has come and impersonated the Star People. This way they (the dark beings) could move into our culture, through the public fascination with UFO's."

From "New Abductee Trend"

Source: The Jinn

Jinn In Arabian and Muslim folklore jinns are ugly and evil demons having supernatural powers which they can bestow on persons having powers to call them up. In the Western world they are called genies.

In the Old Testament King Solomon had a ring, probably a diamond, with which he called up jinns to help his armies in battle. The concept that this king employed the help of jinns probably originated from 1 Kings 6:7, "And the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought there, so there was neither hammer nor axe nor and tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building."

In Islam, jinns are fiery spirits (Qur'an 35. 15) particularly associated with the desert. While they are disruptive of human life, they are considered worthy of being saved. A person dying in a state of great sin may be changed into a jinni in the period of a barzakh, separation or barrier.

The highest of the jinns is Iblis, formerly called Azazel, the prince of darkness, or the Devil. The jinns were thought by some to be spirits that are lower than angels because they are made of fire and are not immortal. They can take on human and animal shapes to influence men to do good or evil. They are quick to punish those indebted to them who do not follow their many rules.

In the "Arabian Nights" jinns or genies came from Aladdin's Lamp. There are several myths concerning the home of the jinns. According to Persian mythology some of them live in a place called Jinnistan. Others say jinns live with other supernatural beings in the Kaf, mystical emerald mountains surrounding the earth

By: Alan G. Hefner

Det finns länkar i artikeln till - men det är inte uppe no

Posted on: 2009/11/20 0:30
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Posted on: 2009/11/20 1:00
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Finns också som Torrents att ladda ned, jag tycker också det är lite onödigt att betala för det.

Detta var min första ingång i kaninhålet, året var 1982. Böckerna av Boris Ljungkvist framför allt.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 16:12
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Jag har inte sett något som jag tycker verkar trovärdigt.

Vittnesmål och fotografier/video är så lätt att manipulera.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 16:42
Administratör och grundare av
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Inlägg#9 är bevis för mig.

Men det var en "skallenballen"i TV4 Kalla Fakta,som talar om "Rymdmaskar",jag tror han menade Tequlia Maracci:)

Posted on: 2009/11/20 16:52
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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In our illuminati Lodges with Brothers like Marco
Paret or Jean Pierre Giudicelli we were dealing with
controlled possession by Demonic forces (evil Jinns)
and other occult practices and experiments of dark
Alchemy. I can garanty you that the so called UFO's
are man made Craft or Jinns simple flying around:

Posted on: 2009/11/20 17:33
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Sproutingtree skrev:
"För min egen del kanske jag ska tillägga att jag inte alls är rädd för dessa väsen, jag är övertygad om att de för något gott med sig och jag är väldigt nyfiken på allas vår framtid!"

Jag håller med, men tror dock att de gamla fångvakerna som nu styr jorden (mänskliga eller inte) inte vill veta av dessa goda livsformer...

Posted on: 2009/11/20 18:01
"Livet e bara en period man går igenom"
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Det är inte vad ni tror, sprouting och eezy....

Ni har gått på något bara, new age... aliens utförsel... sådana som Wilcock och tusen andra, vakna...

Hela galaxen är levande, allt är levande, men jorden är inte som vilken plats som helst. De där sakerna ska man inte ha med att göra, utan man ska göra sig av med deras infiltrering och övertagande av en, det är nödvändigt.

I inlägg sju så får man veta en del.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 18:08
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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The Extraterrestrials and Their Counterfeits[b]
by Lydia Mancini (


Foreword by gary d. goodwin

The following article will not make some people very happy.

That's too bad. Honestly speaking, I'm getting tired of hearing that "aliens are here to help us transition to the next level of consciousness." But if you want a rational explanation for what's going on in the skies and space above us, you must have an open mind and be willing to accept an alteration in your paradigm. When the subject of extraterrestrials is discussed in the public forum, it is usually a subject considered in isolation.

Rarely is the subject or the possibility of beings from other "areas" of the universe paired with other ideas. The only exception to this statement is the obvious stated connection to government and the political conspiracy. To say this is true, is getting way ahead of the story. There needs to be building blocks of understanding of why things are the way they are. The following, well written idea is one of these building blocks.

I recently had a well known television producer ask me why we were pairing religion with UFOs. Humanity is not just a story of today, it is a story related to innumerable myths, cultures, societies, and yes... religion. Sitchin is convinced that he has it right. Many things he does have right. However men lie - the records lie - gods lie - and lies upon lies are lies. But complete and total lies are easily recognized even by the simplest of us. But the difficult lies to pick out are the ones that are 90 percent truth and 10 percent lies. And then throw in a few millennia, and voila! You have an iron clad story that certainly sounds like the truth. It isn't Sitchin that's the liar, he's an honest scientist trying to find out the truth. The liar, the real liar, is that same old being that is the father of all lies and his multitude of followers that worship him. Does this mean I believe that extraterrestrials don't exist? "Then why the recent articles about the cubes and the belief in Martians?", you might be saying. Like I said, it's a big and very long story - the following building block will help you understand some of what we believe is happening. Don't focus too hard, you'll miss the big picture.

Revelations 12:7-11:
"And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil , and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

Jude 1:6 "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."


The Counterfeits

"No social question -- and UFOs are a social question -- can be delineated in simple Yes or No terms: No, there are no such thing as UFOs; Yes, UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships. The time is long past for such childish generalizations. Believers have to get over embracing every unidentified flying object as a spaceship, and every contrary explanation as blinkered skepticism or an evil government cover-up. And skeptics have to accept that people do see things they cannot explain. How we interpret what we see is what the game is all about." Paul B. Thompson

We simply don't yet know enough about how things work to make any assumptions about sightings of craft visiting earth.

Aside from reasoning that other conscious beings must exist in this seemingly infinite universe, and that many have the capacity to visit Earth, we should avoid assumptions about the nature of extraterrestrials. However, we can and should examine the likelihood that deceptive entities have been masquerading as them.

John Keel called them "Ultraterrestrials". Meade Layne knew them as "Etherians". Gordon Creighton introduced them to the western world with the ancient and well-known name of "Jinn". They’ve also been known as spirits, poltergeists, aliens and elementals.

It is important to know about them. It is absolutely essential to rule them out whenever considering the possible existence and/or presence of extraterrestrials. Why? Because they are the world's greatest tricksters and their ET charade may be the World's Greatest Hoax. They have thoroughly contaminated our thinking about extraterrestrials. Some among them pretend to be the embodiments of our science fiction fantasies. Some among them are good, while others are really demonic. The most powerful we call genii, origin for the word genius.

The Jinn concept offers a comprehensive and logical approach to looking at UFO's, cryptozoology, apparitions, magic, demons, monsters and many other mysteries. It is revelatory for exposing much of the simple minded games and satanic mischief which have baffled and misled us throughout history. Ignorance and prejudice have prevented the western world from realizing what the wisdom of Islamic culture has to say about these beings. It reads like a textbook description of the UFO phenomenon. It reveals the true nature of new age channeling, poltergeists, spoon bending and other tricks, and so much more. Gordon Creighton has enlightened us with a brilliant essay which deserves serious attention: "A Brief Account of the True Nature of the "UFO Entities". Gordon Creighton, now in his 90’s, served as a British Intelligence officer, and his familiarity with oriental culture enabled him to recognize the connection between Jinn and UFOs.
(Interesting interview with Creighton at this link: CLICK HERE)

The Jinn are real entities living on this earth which are normally invisible to us. The name comes from an Arabic word meaning "to hide or conceal". Their bodies are likely composed of what has been described as etheric matter. They don't live in bottles or adhere to the fairy tales told about them. Human beings are extremely susceptible to the fabrications of the Jinn. We believe what they want us to because their impressive materializations and deceptions are tailored to fit our fantasies and belief systems. Their comparative mastery of etheric forces bewilders and impresses us, and has always put us at a severe disadvantage in dealing with them, (plus the fact that we can't usually see them!). The more skilled among them have therefore always seemed to us to be gods and wizards. Now in modern times they've become the "aliens from a technologically advanced civilization". They are usually deceptive in their relationships with us, if not downright evil. They are movers behind the UFO mystery as well as many other mysteries. Every culture shows the deep and massive imprints of their influence in our religions and mythologies.

Among all the theories presented to account for the presence of alien beings such as: (1)Intergalactic travel,(2) Travel from the future,(3) Travel from the Inner Earth, and (4)Archetypal projections from the Collective Unconscious, very little consideration is given to the concept that some of them simply exist on the earth in a way that isn't generally perceptible to us. We continue to assume that we can perceive everything that is "real" with our 5 senses despite all the evidence to the contrary. An overzealous belief in a science and philosophy of materialism has probably resulted in an irrational amount of faith in our physical senses.

Studying and/or experiencing these Jinn enables a person to accept their existence. Once it is realized that unseen beings exist, it is fascinating to contemplate that there are likely to be inhabitants on other planets who are as hidden to us as the jinn are! So much life is crammed into a single cubic inch of backyard soil that it is unlikely that the potential inherent in a whole planet is just wasted. An egocentric, gotta-have-it-all-on-my-terms and see-it-with-my-bare-eyes mindset has probably been the biggest impediment to advances in scientific knowledge.

Before the invention of the microscope, medicine denied the existence of microbes. Even though we can't see radio waves we know they exist. Now we should realize that we aren’t likely to find life on other planets as long as we insist that it must be just like OUR life and apparent to OUR 5 senses.

The Jinn concept challenges us to realize how limited our perceptions are. Things really don't work quite the way we think they do. Life is an ever deepening mystery! Most of us aren’t comfortable with making that a part of our working hypothesis, but our explorations will be enriched and strengthened if we do.


A Brief Account of the True Nature of the UFO Entities

Gordon Creighton presents an interesting "alternative" to the UFO Phenomenon

One of the more curious features of the followers of the various religions is that, being so dogmatically certain that in their own particular little faith they already possess the whole Truth about all things in Heaven and Earth, it almost never occurs to any of them to look elsewhere and find out what the followers of other religions may know or may have discovered.

This is certainly a pity, for study of all the great world-religions - and notably Islam - would yield valuable clues as to the true nature of the so-called "UFO Phenomenon" and would rapidly eliminate much of the fatuous "Space-Age Mythology" that has been spawned in such profusion over the last three decades.

Islam knows, in fact, of the existence of three entirely separate and distinct species of intelligent beings in the Universe, and indeed can furnish suprisingly precise details regarding their natures and roles and activities.

Angels, Men, and Jinns

The first category is of course that of the angels or Messengers (Greek: angelos; Hebrew: malach; Arabic: malak). These are high beings created of light.

The second category, however, and the one with which we are here concerned, is the category of those beings (created before man was) who are referred to collectively in Arabic as al-jinn. Although there is some dispute about it among Arab grammarians, most of their lexicologists seem to hold that the word derives - as Arabic words almost invariably do - from a verb-root, namely janna, "to hide or to conceaL" - indeed a very fitting derivation for the name of these creatures.

The third category are men, with bodies created according to the Qur'an, of clay, or, in other words, this being poetic language, they have physical bodies assembled from the mineral and chemical elements of our periodic table - the "planetary body", as Gurdjieff used to call it.

Whereas the bodies of Angels are of light and the bodies of men are of the gross elements of the Earth, the bodies of al-jinn consist of what is variously translated as "essential fire", or "essential flame", or "smokeless fire" or "smokeless flame", and it is specifically stated in the Qur'an (Surah XV, 26 and 27) that they were created before mankind was. (Some scholars have speculated that these might be the "pre-adamic men" whose existence is hinted at here and there in the "Holy Bible.")

There has been much debate among modern students of Arabic as to precisely what these terms "min nari al-samumi" and "MIN marijin min narin" can conceivably mean in modern parlance, and some scholars have concluded that, in using these terms, the Prophet Muhammad (the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) was there attempting to describe what Western occultists have tried to describe by such terms as ether, or maybe the so-called etheric or astral planes. (I have also seen it suggested that some sort of plasma is indicated.)

(Needless to say, such concepts as etheric plane and astral plane have no meaning for modern Science and, so far as I know, apart from Dirac, the physicists have abandoned their speculations regarding the existence of an ether.)

The source of the Jinns

Wherever it is that the Jinns are thought of as being normally located, it seems highly likely that the source of many of them, at any rate, is not very distant from us, and some Muslim scholars who have become aware of the current Western research into the so-called "UFO Phenomenon" and have reflected awhile upon it have concluded - and I think correctly - that maybe the best way we can start to visualize these matters is by thinking of the Jinns as being very close indeed to us and and yet at the same time somehow very far from us. in other words, on some other dimension, or in some other space/time framework, "right here', or maybe in a world of anti- matter right here, or occupying as it were some other universe that is here, behind alice's mirror: "a mirror-universe on the other side of the space-time continuum" as it has been neatly put by some investigators.

The Qur'an, however, is not clear on this, and admittedly it looks as though it is very possible that some of the Jinns could be fully physical and what we call extraterrestrials, while other species of them are of an altogether and finer sort of matter, corresponding to what various UFO investigators have tried to indicate by such terms as "ultraterrestriaL" or "metaterrestrial".

In thinking about these ideas, we might bear in mind the theory of the Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky regarding the possible existence of other, more subtle, levels of matter on which the elements of the Periodic Table of our own chemical world are repeated - and, if I understand him aright, repeated more than once, on more than one level. The early writings of Dr. Meade Layne in the USA about the "dense etheric world" from which he maintained that the UFO entities and their craft originated should also be borne in mind. (His book, The Coming of the Guardians, was published in 1958, and may prove one day to have been very important indeed.) Certain of the benevolent Jinns may well be our "Guardians".

That there is some close affinity, or some link of destiny between Jinns and Mankind seems certain, for although the vast majority of the Jinns are devils, shaytans, nevertheless we are assured in the QUR'AN that some among their many species are "goodies" and are capable of salvation. For it is specifically stated that Muhammad was sent as a Messenger to both Mankind and the Jinns, so that, in the Final Days, some of the Jinns will enter into Paradise, while the rest of them will be cast down into Hell. Their revelation to Iblis, the Top Devil ( = "Satan") is in general somewhat obscure. In the Qur'an Iblis is certainly described as a jinn, but elsewhere in the Qur'an he is also described as an angel. (Surely the explanation is that Iblis is that same high being, originally of Angelic status, who rebelled against God and is named in the Christian texts as "Lucifer?"

Had we the space, much more might be said about the Jinns and their doings, but only a brief account of their main characteristics can here be given. Their principal features, as listed below, are as I have gathered them from all the Muslim written and traditional sources that I have been able to consult over the past 15 years. The reader can see for himself the parallels with the reported features of UFO entities and can draw his own conclusions. I hope I do not have to labour the point, space being precious.

The chief characteristics of the Jinns

1. In the normal state they are not visible to ordinary human sight.

2. They are, however, capable of materializing and appearing in the physical world. And they can alternately make themselves visible or invisible at will.

3. They can change shape, and appear in any sort of guise, large or small. (See for example, Ahmad Jamaludin's excellent report, A wave of small humanoids in Malaysia in 1970, in FSR Vol. 28, No. 5). Ahmad Jamaludin is a Muslim, and he knows, of course, what it is that we are talking about.

4. They are able also to appear in the guise of animals. (Yetis? Pumas? Loch Ness Monsters?)

5. They are inveterate liars and deceivers, and delight in bamboozling and misleading mankind with all manner of nonsense. (See the average Spiritualist seance for examples of their activities, and also the usual "communications" from UFO entities in close-encounter cases.)

6. They are addicted to the abduction or kidnapping of humans. (The Scotsman Robert Kirk, who wrote "The Secret Commonwealth" in 1691, evidently "knew more than was good for his health", and was killed by them.)

7. They delight in tempting humans into ####ual intercourse and liaisons with them, and Arabic literature abounds with accounts of this kind of contact by mankind with both the "goodies" and the "baddies" among the Jinns. There are also even a considerable number of accounts of encounters between the "goodies" and famous Muslim saints. For example, the book Manaquib al-arifin has a number of very significant references to contacts between such higher beings, and Jalal al-din Rumi, Islam's greatest mystical poet, who lived from 1207 to 1273.

In official Islam - and this cannot be over-emphasized - the existence of the Jinns has always been completely accepted, even legally, and even to this day, in Islamic jurisprudence. the full consequences implied by their existence were worked out long ago. Their legal status, in all respects, was discussed and fixed, and the possible relations between them and mankind - especially in relation to questions of marriage and property! - were seriously examined by jurists, as the greatest and most authoritative western source, the encyclopaedia of Islam, confirms.

Stories of sexual commerce between Jinns and mankind have been of perennial interest to Arab readers, and it is important at this point to mention that in Chinese literature (and in China the Han population are not Muslims - only certain of the smaller minority peoples of the North-West and Far West are) there is also a considerable tradition of this sort which awaits examination by Ufologists.

The great Arabic literary catalogue known as the Fihrist compiled in the year 373 of the Muslim Calendar ( = C.E. 995) by Muhammad bin Ishaq bin Abi Ya'qub al-Nadim al-Warraq al-Baghdadi, lists no less than sixteen works dealing with this theme. (Compare also the European occultists' records of ####ual contact between men and female sylphs, as well as the copious mediaeval Christian records relating to incubi and succabae.)

Most Westerners will discount all this talk about the Jinns with the usual argument that the Arabs "are barbarians anyway". Let me therefore point out that, in C.E.995, when the Fihrist was written, the brilliant civilization of the Arabs was incomparably higher than anything elsewhere in the world except for China and that Christian and Western renaissance owes its origins as much to our contact with Islam (the Crusades) as to the early percolation of Greek learning to the West.

As a matter of fact quite a lot of the philosophy and the literature of the Greeks reached us first, not in Greek at all, but in the Arabic translations secured from Cordoba and Toledo in Spain in the 10th and 11th centuries, when the Muslims still held most of Spain.

It is only in the last few centuries, and particularly since the Industrial Revolution and the growth of modern materialistic Science, that the West has forged ahead. But in 1200 C.E. Muslim Science was in the lead, particularly in such fields as Medicine, Mathematics, and Astronomy, and it would be grossly impudent to assume that our current "superiority" over them has anything permanent about it.

8. The Jinns are wont to snatch up humans and teleport or transport them, setting them down again - if indeed they ever do set them down again - miles away from where they were picked up, and all this is the "twinkling of an eye".

9. The Arabian tradition asserts that, throughout all known history, there have been a few particular human beings who, through some strange favour, have "been in league with the Jinns" or "had a co-pact with the Jinns" - to such a degree that the Jinns have endowed them with what we regard as "preternatural powers" - ie., psychic powers.

These humans have consequently become known as wonder-workers, soothsayers, and magicians. (Either "white magicians" or "black magicians", depending of course upon what sort of Jinns they were in league with.)

Here again, compare the European tradition about individuals who have discovered how to collaborate with the kingdom of the sylphs or the fairies. For example, there is the case of the "working partnership", not more than seventy years ago, between a sylph and a highly successful Parisian dealer in rare old books. The sylph made its contribution by acting as the "scout" and finding out where and in whose possession the rare books were. All the dealer had to do then was to approach the owners and offer to buy!

10. Along with all these displays of prowess by the Jinns there goes, finally, a tremendous telepathic power and the ability (to use an age-old term) to "cast a glamour" over their human victims. Our UFO records are already full of evidence of this.

How much of what we see happening today, at the highest levels of international politics, as well as in ordinary human affairs, can be attributed to this subtle control and interference in our lives by insidious and unseen forces! Indeed, this is one of the prime reasons for the parlous state in which man finds himself. Some recent reports from UFO investigators hint at alien plans to provoke war here and drive the Gadarene Swine (mankind) over into the abyss.

The present-day Christians, who generally seem to have very little sense of curiosity, are apparently quite happy to pass their days in total ignorance of all this. But a careful study of the New Testament (and only in the original Greek!) will show clearly that nothing of what is said above was unknown either to the Teacher and Healer Jeshu of Nazareth or to his principal followers -particularly Paul. (Incidentally, Christians may like to know that in Islam the full name and title of Jeshu of Nazareth is Issa, son of Mary, word of God.)

Long before the rise of Christianity or Islam there were of course other great Teachers (Messengers) who preceived clearly the situation in which mankind finds itself. One of these was Zarathustra (Zoroaster) in the old Iranian civilization of the Achaemenidae - about 600 or 700 years B.C.E. The great religious text left by Zarathustra is the Avesta, which tells us much about the Demonic Forces, referred to under the blanket term of Ahriman, the Enemy of Light. Mankind, in this teaching, is seen as a special creation of Ormazd, the supreme spirit, who is locked in permanent conflict with Ahriman.

The soul of man is the object of the war, and man himself is the battlefield. -- Dr. Rudolph Steiner

In our days, there has probably been no teacher who saw and understood all this more clearly that the great Austrian Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), founder of the Anthroposophical Society.

"Clairvoyant" from childhood, Steiner [claims he] saw into the other worlds and planes and saw deeply into the human heart, and no books or teachings are so relevant as his are to the crisis of mankind that is now upon us. His lectures throughout 1917, for example, show clearly that he foresaw, in their totality, the political, social, and military results and the police-state tyranny which would inevitably follow from the Russian Revolution, just as the "Lady" of the Apparitions at Fatima in the same year also did.

Steiner foresaw what would result in the world as a whole from a materialistic science run mad: the development of "test-tube" man, "biological engineering" and other horrors; the deliberate creation and development of living monsters; and the soul-less, God-less, dehumanized, computerized, insect-like chromium and plastic slave world of "1984" that may now be at hand.

According to Steiner, a tremendous and crucial round in the battle was fought out in the last thirty years of the 19th century and on the Inner Planes, between the Forces of Ahriman (the term he took over from Zarathustra) and the forces of light.

These latter are conventionally known to Western (Christian) tradition as the Cohorts of Michael. Steiner said that the fight ended in a complete victory for the light, but that, as a result of it, a great many of the powerful demonic beings had been actually cast down upon the planet Earth, with the consequence that their presence and their influence now impinge more than ever upon the propects and the destiny of mankind.

Steiner taught that the coming years will see incredible upheavals, in the course of which this great battle will be carried forward, to its conclusion, inside every human heart. See Rudolf Steiner: Der Sturz der Geister der Finsternis: (The Overthrow of the Spirits of Darkness), Series of Lectures, 1917. (Available only in German.)

The objective of the Forces of Darkness is to take over the stream of human evolution, to merge with it, and to divert mankind from the evolutionary development "planned" for it. The end result of this would be new creatures in which those qualities that represent the highest that we know would have been eliminated.

Smart-alecky modern man of the Pop Age, the "Trousered Ape" as he has been called, has of course no use for all this sort of "rubbish", and immense numbers of our species have discarded all belief in the existence of demons, along with any belief in the Great Power that rules the Universe.

(Sophisticated folk nowadays know that the world was not created by God, but by Karl Marx. And they know that Lenin and successors are His Prophets.)

There is a delightful passage in C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, where the Senior Devil, talking to one of his underlings, makes a profoundly important remark: "of course, our greatest trump-card is the fact that everybody *knows* we don't exist." (Or words to that effect.)

Similarly, the vast majority of mankind know that Jinns and UFOs and UFO entities don't exist. And what a nice advantage that is for the entities!

But what if homo sap (so-called, self-dubbed) were in for some big shocks in the near future? What then?

With the recent advance of Science, man has rapidly become aware of the vastness of the Cosmos and of the probability that there exist out there innumerable other physical worlds inhabited by intelligent beings, some of which, for all we know, may be (as we dearly hope) identical with men, with our tastes and our values, our hopes and our fears.

It is natural that some among us, surveying the impasse into which we have got ourselves, might well be tempted to look up to the stars in the hope that someone wiser than we are might arrive one day from there and give us all the easy answers.

If there be any truth in the ancient story that the inhabitants of Magonia, unlike men, do not possess the possibility of developing immortal souls, and therefore are anxious to acquire such by mating with us and mingling their life-stream with ours, what moment could be more propitious to them for achieving their purpose than now?

Can't you just hear the message of their Captain?

"We are from Tau Ceti, and we come to bring you salvation and show you the way out of your problems. We will get you off the hook!"

Copyright © 1985 FSR. This article originally appeared in FSR, 29/1 (October 1983).

Posted on: 2009/11/20 18:18
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

See User information
Har du lust att dra kontentan istället? Jag tror för övrigt att Hollywood t.ex. gör allt för att skrämma folk ang. utomjordingar. Nasa vill nog bara bygga vapenarsenaler där ute som ytterligare ett steg mot ett robotsamhälle.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 18:52
"Livet e bara en period man går igenom"
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

See User information
Eezy, kontentan står ju där! Man måste bara orka läsa hela texten. #7 säger det som behöver sägas så kort som det går.
Gå in på så hittar du mer.
UFO:s riskerar bli nästa kaninhål man skall ta sig ur. Bemöt ALL info med skepsis. Skippa Youtube HELT i denna fråga. Stor Disinfo-outlet i UFO frågan.
Fenomenet är på riktigt, men troligtvis lite för enkelt förklarat.
Kul att du också hade hittat till den sidan, för en gångs skull så är vi rörande överens Shermjyl.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 19:33

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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

See User information
Utube fanns inte när jag började skaffa mig en uppfattning om detta. Och ja, jag bemöter all info med skepsis... Har läst mig till denna uppfattning genom böcker... Långa poster orkar jag inte med idag!
Vad finns t.ex. på Pleiaderna? Har Ni någon info om detta? Jinns där också eller?

Posted on: 2009/11/20 19:53
"Livet e bara en period man går igenom"
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

See User information
Jag förstår din ståndpunkt, men vem som helst som kanaliseras genom ett medium kan ju utge sig för att vara från varsomhelst.
Så Jinnerna som är just specialister på fula knep och lögn kan ju hitta på vad som helst.
Dom finns utanför våra begreppsramar, och respekterar inga moraliska eller karmiska konsekvenser. Man kan kalla dom demoner och änglar om man vill.

Många vill tro på UFO:s och välvilliga stjärnfederationer och så vidare, men vi får ta risken att det bara är sagor för att få oss att se åt fel håll.
Jag har inga svar, men jag har slutat TRO bara för att tro. Inget fel i att tro, men ta infon från egna observationer och inre känsloyttringar. Vi har alla vad som behövs. Lyssna inåt. Vad hör du? Du vet allt, du har bara glömt vad det var.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 20:03

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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

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Ja, fotomaterial kan förfalskas. Och detta området är fullt av desinformation.

Jag vet dock ett antal människor (de känner inte ens till varandras existens) som har både sett farkoster och även haft närkontakter.

Jag är övertygad efter år av forskning på detta att både och är sant. Det finns s k "utomjordiska" varelser, sannolikt interdimensionella som besöker oss och har så länge gjort. I någon utsträckning interagerar de med makteliten. Det kan även finnas olika fraktioner dem emellan.

Vad som också är möjligt är plantering av falska minnen, att många bortföranden är utförda helt eller delvis av människor.

Det finns också, talar mycket för, antigravitationsfarkoster tillverkade av människor, en teknologi som funnits sedan 1940-talet, framför allt då på den tiden utvecklad av nazityska och italienska forskare (Renato Vesco)

Det kan vara frågan om s k "Back Engineering" från kraschade/nedskjutna objekt. Det är min fulla övertygelse att det länge har funnits teknologi som om den gjordes tillgänglig till alla skulle möjliggöra interstellära rymdresor, utöver att alla skulle kunna få tillgång till fri, gratis och miljövänlig elström.

"The Hunt for Zero Point" av Nick Cook, journalist på tidningen Janes Defense Weekly, är en bok jag rekommenderar.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 20:03
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

See User information
Något som jag inte blir klok på är: satelliter, borde inte de gå åt samma håll på en stjärnhimmel, och med samma hastighet?
Har sett ljudlösa blinkade obljekt under molnen, kryssande prickar där uppe samt någon slags vita ljudlösa "blixtar" runt mig som jag inte förstår mig på. Info någon?

Posted on: 2009/11/20 20:38
"Livet e bara en period man går igenom"
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Re: Är det inte dags o prata om UFO´s?

See User information
Skulle de kunna fejka en alien invasion så skulle dom göra det.

Posted on: 2009/11/20 21:17
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